GPSLogbook 8: Frequently Asked Questions

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Logging Basics

To log your current location data it is necessary to allow access to Location Services within iOS.

Then GPSLogbook is able to analyze the position data provided by the GPS module, if you set up the logging parameters and started the recording of a tour.

* Loggings by distance or course interval will work whenever you move.
* Loggings by time interval need some movement, too, due to some restrictions of iOS and to prevent heavy battery consumption.

You can set up GPSLogbook to inform or warn you if no location change has been recognized within a defined timespan. In the "GPS monitoring" section of the app`s settings area you can define and activate the interval, number of alerts and the alert sound for this.

Please keep in mind that the GPS module needs to get signals from the GPS satellites. In-house logging may not work.

Find more helpful information on the Battery Usage FAQ.

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