GPSLogbook 8: Frequently Asked Questions

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How Do Intervals Work?

For logging purposes there are three different intervals configurable within the settings part of the app.

1. By time: Enter the interval in seconds/minutes which must be reached to set a new waypoint.
2. By distance: Enter the interval in m/km/ft/mi which must be reached to set a new waypoint.
3. By course change: Enter the course change in degrees which must be reached to set a new waypoint

For the app to work, at least one interval of these intervals has to be set (= turned on).

The fourth interval ("ServerPing") will not result in the creation of a waypoint.
For activating the Serverping feature please have a look at FAQ How does ServerPing work with custom URLs?.

If more than one interval is set then the first interval which is reached will activate the creation of a new waypoint and resets the counters for all interval.

Example: time interval 30 secs, distance interval 100 m, course interval is turned off:
We drive the car 100 m within 20 secs, a waypoint is set (because the distance interval is reached) and both the distance and the time counter are set to 0. Now we park the car (so the distance counter went from zero to 30 m while parking and will not reach the distance interval in the next time) and the time counter reaches the time interval of 30 secs, sets a waypoint and resets both counters again.
The course interval does not effect this scenario because it had been turned off.

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