GPSLogbook 8: Frequently Asked Questions

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What Does FollowMe and WebKey mean?

FollowMe is a web-based services hosted by us. With ServerPing you can ping your current location and so allow your loved ones to view this information in an easy to use web view in their browser.

From within GPSLogbook you can send a URL containing the WebKey via e-mail, text message (SMS), Twitter, Facebook, or WhatsApp.

To give private access to only the persons of your choice, the so called WebKey, a long unique key, is embedded into the URL.

This unique URL points to a special webpage where your submitted ServerPings of the current tour can be viewed.

Tell your friends and family about your journey, or show then when they can expect your arrival.

As this service is hosted in Germany, the privacy policy is very strict.

ServerPing and FollowMe are optional features and services.

Using ServerPing and FollowMe is completely free of charge. Please keep in mind that your carrier may charge you for mobile traffic (especially while roaming).

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